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Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office

Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office is a law enforcement facility in Louisiana; the main goal of the Caddo Parish Sheriff is to help keep the county and citizens safe through the practice of law enforcements in order to secure rights.
Through the guidance of the Caddo Parish Sheriff, the deputies, officers, and various other law enforcement officials are instructed on the best practices regarding the apprehension of criminals, the code of ethics, and various other important elements of law enforcement.
The Caddo Parish Sheriff is the individual who oversees all of the divisions of the CPSO; he is the individual who makes administrative decisions regarding the respective divisions, implements new policies, and is a mentor and informational resource for the individuals who are working under him.
The CPSO has numerous specialized divisions that work under it. Divisions like: patrol, marine police, mounted police, a K9 squad, Hazardous material group, vehicle crash investigation team, and various others.
Each of these teams are sent out when they are needed; the Caddo Parish Sheriff also does random briefings with each unit to see how they are operating if there are any necessary changes to be implemented.
The Caddo Parish Sheriff also works in regards to civil services; he can help to file paperwork regarding civil issues, can help victims and criminals get the help they need for rehabilitation and therapeutic needs. And furthermore, the Caddo Parish Sheriff also has the ability to speak to the public on matters of law enforcement and community safety.

A Quick Guide to a Sheriff

A Quick Guide to a Sheriff

A sheriff is an the highest ranking law official that works in a Sheriff’s department. These are individuals who take care of court and legal papers, provide elements of public safety, and uphold justice for their respective jurisdiction.
Sheriff Background

A sheriff is a highly ranked law enforcement official. Throughout the United States Sheriff departments are utilized to varying degrees. Some sheriff departments are the primary law enforcement offices, while others merely work on smaller, local issues. A sheriff is the official that delegates the deputies what to do, where to go, and what forms to serve.
Sheriff’s Department

A Sheriff’s department serves the county in which it resides in. Through this department individuals can be booked and detained for criminal acts and disturbance of the neighborhood. Other individuals can be served paperwork regarding legal issues of civil matters; the sheriff’s department works closely with courts.
Sheriff Badge

A sheriff badge is one of the most recognizable badges of any law enforcement officials. The typical style of a sheriff badge is either a five or six pointed star with the title of the position on it. The only two colors in which these badges com in are either silver or gold.
Deputy Sheriff

A deputy sheriff is a law enforcement official that works under the sheriff. These individuals are tasked with various jobs necessary for law enforcement. They respond to domestic issues, serve warrants, subpoenas, and various other legal documents, and they are often utilized in detaining criminals and helping to facilitate in court processes.

County Sheriff

A county sheriff is the highest ranking official in a sheriff’s office. These are the individuals who delegate tasks to the deputies. A county sheriff is also someone who helps to file legal papers for members of the county.

Tennessee Sheriff’s Department

The Shelby County sheriff department is located in Memphis, TN. It is an important law enforcement epicenter in Shelby county. Within the Sheriff’s department there are a number of different offices that are used to help regulate domestic and criminal issues in Shelby County to better protect the citizens.

County Sheriff: Roles and Responsibility

County Sheriff: Roles and Responsibility

A county sheriff is a high ranking law enforcement official. In certain areas of the United States a sheriff’s office is still considered the primary law enforcement office. What this means is that the Sheriff’s office has jurisdiction of the county that it resides in, regarding legal matters.
Because of this status, the county sheriff is the most important law official in the county. They are the individuals who look over and serve various legal documents to individuals; legal documents like subpoenas, notices, and even civil papers that are filed with the Sheriff’s office.  The reason that this is so is because the Sheriff’s office works in very close proximity to the county court.

The criminals who are processed in the sheriff’s office, and the individuals who seek legal actions in the county both come through the Sheriff’s office and are put into the county court.
The county sheriff is also the individual that can help provide the court with protection and bailiffs; bailiffs in a county court are often the deputy sheriff’s that have been assigned to that particular duty for the day.
Besides the court aspect of the county sheriff’s office,  there is also the law enforcement aspect in which the deputies and often the county sheriff respond to call of distress regarding domestic issues, criminal acts, vandalism, and various other concerns that happen around the county. They work to help investigate and solve these issues, or send them forward to other law enforcement agencies better equipped to handle the issues.

Tennessee Sheriff’s Department

Tennessee Sheriff's Department

The Shelby County Sheriff’s department is the primary law enforcement body in governing over Memphis, Tennessee. The current Shelby county sheriff is Bill Oldham; he was sworn in on September 1, 2010.
Under the Shelby county sheriff department there are a number of different offices that work to help promote safety and security for the county of Shelby.  Through these offices individuals can get assistance regarding the civil and criminal courts of Shelby, categorized lists of inmates, information on current issues regarding the county, and various other aspects.
One of the main aspects that the Shelby County sheriff department emphasizes is accessibility towards information regarding the county. This is a way in which all the public is able to research and keep on top of current issues in Shelby. Furthermore, this informational epicenter is also helpful when it comes to making conscious efforts to keep families safe.
There are also many opportunities for members of the community to get involved; there is a volunteer unit that is used to help run events around the county and to run a program in which elderly individuals receive check-ups to make sure that they are healthy and that they have everything they require while living alone.
Overall, the Shelby County Sheriff and the Sheriff’s department are sworn to uphold the values of justice and the agreement to protect their jurisdiction through all the means they have. This is one example of a Sheriff’s department that is a high ranking law enforcement body.

Who is a Sherrif

Who is a Sherrif

A Sheriff is often one of the highest ranking positions regarding law enforcement. Furthermore this position is an elected position, which is done from the public. The length in which an individual can serve as a Sheriff is dependent upon what is mandated by respective state governments.  The range is anywhere between 2 and 6 years for the term of a Sheriff; however, in several states Sheriff is not an actual positions, and thus the terms are inapplicable.
The Sheriff is the head of the Sheriff department; the Sheriff department is a law enforcement department of a county. In the Sheriff department, this is often where criminals are brought in and processed before being detained for a given time. Furthermore,  a Sheriff often manages the transportation arrangements of criminals from one facility to another
The Sheriff department is often utilized in public benefit instances; for example, the Sheriff department can take care of traffic issues and look into vehicular accidents that have occurred under their jurisdiction.  Many of the more general responsibilities of law enforcement fall upon the Sheriff and the Sheriff department.
As the years progress, there have been changes in the criteria that is looked for regarding individuals who are being looked at for the position of Sheriff. Now there is a high value on athleticism, various types of skills like boating, swimming, and other potentially life-saving areas. Overall, a Sheriff is an elected official who helps to provide safety and security for the county in which he or she serves.

What Does a Sheriff’s Department Do?

What Does a Sheriff's Department Do?

A sheriff’s department is the location in which the Sheriff is housed, and all of the officials who work under the Sheriff. The services that are provided by the sheriff’s office greatly vary from state to state. 
In some states in the United States the Sheriff’s department is one of the primary sources of law enforcement. In other states, it is merely a fixture that is used to serve legal documents to individuals within a specific district. And in a couple states a Sheriff and Sheriff’s department simply do not exist.
For states in which a Sheriff’s department is the primary avenue of law enforcement, the Sheriff’s department is the location in which individuals can be processed and detained. Furthermore, the Sheriff’s department can also help organize county clean ups, watch group details, and various other organizational necessities in order to keep the county safe, and help the overall community.
In locations where a Sheriff’s office is not utilized as the main law enforcement agency, this is where individuals would come if they were being served legal papers like evictions notices or divorce papers. This is because the Sheriff’s department is considered an extension of the county court; legal issues that are processed under this jurisdiction go straight to the Sheriff’s department.
The reason that these Sheriff departments do not have as much law enforcement issues tasked to them, other than traffic detail is because the states that these departments reside in often have State troopers  to do the higher end law enforcement work.

All You’d Want to Know About a Sheriff Badge

All You'd Want to Know About a Sheriff Badge

Because of old westerns and the general fascination of popular culture, authority officials are often very recognizable because of their credentials. One of the most recognizable of all authority symbols in the United States is a Sheriff badge.
There are many different style options when it comes to Sheriff badges, but they all keep to the most basic principle: the badge itself must be in the shape of a star. For some departments the Sheriff badge is a five pointed, free sitting star. For others, it is a six pointed star that has a shape reminiscent of the Star of David.
The coloring of a Sheriff’s badge is usually either a gold or a silver shiny hue; on the star, there is a title of Sheriff and the location of jurisdiction of which the Sheriff serves.  In some instances the star is encased in a circle that surrounds all of the points; this is another popular style of Sheriff badge. Overall, a Sheriff badge is a symbol of honor and authority in an elected official.
When it comes to their trusted companions, the Deputy Sheriffs, they too have badges of importance. However, the badge of a deputy sheriff is often simply a shield with the title of deputy sheriff on it. It does not hold the same, ubiquitous, recognizable quality that the various types of Sheriff badges are able to evince. Throughout the years, sheriff badges are changed to mark the progression of time and the history of a Sheriff’s department.

Deputy Sheriff: Roles and Responsibility

Deputy Sheriff: Roles and Responsibility

A deputy sheriff is a law enforcement official that works under a Sheriff. Depending on the responsibilities that are assigned to a Sheriff’s department, an individual could be faced with a number of different tasks and duties that fall under the jurisdiction of deputy sheriff. In an area where the Sheriff’s department is considered one of the primary law enforcement agencies, a deputy sheriff can have many responsibilities.
Since a deputy sheriff works under Sheriffs, the primary duty of this individual is to follow through with the orders that are handed down to them. In some cases, this means an individual can be tasked with the charge of serving up civil notices, warrants, or documents to individuals in the county. These all fall under the jurisdiction of Sheriffs, because they are primary officials regarding court and law enforcement.
A deputy sheriff can also be tasked with checking out domestic situations, accidents, complaints, or various other issues that can be called into a sheriff’s department. If the Sheriff’s department is not the only law enforcement office in the jurisdiction, the deputy sheriff has to work in compliance with the other law enforcing official.
In some cases a deputy sheriff can also be called in to serve as a bailiff for court processions; again, this is because the Sheriffs are the reigning enforcement and court officials for a particular jurisdiction. The range of tasks a deputy sheriff can be assigned is rather large; but each task requires professionalism and duty to protect and uphold the law.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department

The Oklahoma County Sheriff is an important position in regarding law enforcement in Oklahoma County. This position is one of authority in law enforcement; it requires organizational skills, impartial decision making, creative processes regarding the implementation of new programs, and overall command of the law and criminal justice.

One of the programs that has been accredited to the Oklahoma County sheriff is the VINE program. The VINE program stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday. This was created by the Sheriff’s department in order to help keep victims informed about the status of their attackers or offenders. This is important in order to keep the victim at ease and to ensure that they know what is going on regarding the case. Notification is done through phone calls and emails to the victim.

Essentially the Oklahoma County Sheriff is the head of law enforcement; this is the individual who has to make judgment calls regarding security duties for various events, traffic patrols, and even who to send out regarding investigative endeavors. The Oklahoma County Sheriff uses their wide-breadth of knowledge in order to assist the agents and officers in the work, and to help guide them overall.

Furthermore, the office also works closely with the court system, to ensure that individuals who have filed civil papers or who have been engaged in criminal activity are processed with all of the proper information that is necessary regarding their cases. And in the last piece of Oklahoma County Sheriff work, this individual can also write up letters or speak to the public regarding issues of the community.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office

Ada County Sheriff's Office

Out of all of the County police departments that Idaho has, one that deserves recognition is the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. The current Ada county sheriff is Gary Raney; he has been working in law enforcement for a fair number of years; in 1983 he moved into the Ada County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) where he has held numerous positions. In 2005 he was elected Ada County Sheriff; this responsibility is a large one, considering he is now the top law enforcement official in the largest law enforcement agency  in Idaho.

When it comes to the Ada county sheriff, he has been recognized for the work that he has done in the office. His initiatives have proven to be successful in streamlining and creating better practices for the ACSO. Furthermore, he is known for making decisions based on the factual information regarding the important decisions for county law enforcement.

Through the ACSO there are a number of different informational resources that have been put out on the website; these informational resources are current bookings, investigations, and information regarding sex offenders in the area. All of this is pertinent when it comes to keeping the general public informed about criminal acts and dangers that could be present.

Besides officiating over law enforcement endeavors by the patrol force, and those of the Crime Scene Investigation services, the Ada County Sheriff is also tasked with serving legal papers to individuals in the county. These papers can be search warrants, warrants for arrest, eviction notices, and various other civil legal documents.