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St Louis Sergeant Guilty of Drug Charges

St Louis Sergeant Guilty of Drug Charges

According to the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Missouri, Larry J Davis received 57 months in prison for seizing packages of marijuana and then diverting and distributing the same packages for sale.  He is believed to have distributed about 60 to 80 kilograms of seized marijuana.  

When Davis was indicted, he immediately resigned from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.  

While working for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Davis was in control of the Central Patrol-Division-Special Operations Group—a division directly responsible for investigations into gang activity and drug distribution.  

During his plea agreement, Davis admitted that he visited package delivery companies around St. Louis between 2010 and 2012 and seized packages he believed contained marijuana.  He was supposed to return the seized package to the police department or the laboratory, but he took the packages to his personal residence on Eichelberger and his brother’s residence in St. Louis County.  

After opening the packages, Davis and his brother sold and distributed the marijuana.  In order to hide his criminal actions, Davis did not submit any police reports that indicated he seized the packages.  A criminal investigation found Davis was seizing the packages and selling the drugs for his own profit.  

The brothers agreed to forfeit two vehicles and cash as part of the plea agreement.  Davis announced his guilty plea before United States District Judge Carol E. Jackson.  

FBI Special Agent in Charge Dean C. Bryant stated, “The fact that Davis was a police officer and was willing to conduct this criminal activity is extremely disappointing.  However, the greatest damage done in this case is how he undermined the public’s trust in law enforcement.”

The investigation was handled by the FBI Public Corruption Task Force and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.  

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation