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Fresno County Sheriff’s Office

Fresno County Sheriff's Office

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is a fully functioning law enforcement agency that takes on the entire spectrum of criminal activities. This can be anywhere from traffic violations to homicides. Under the FCSO there are a number of different services dedicated to working on these crimes.
The Fresno county sheriff is the head of the Fresno county sheriff’s office. This individual is often a veteran of law enforcement or government, and is well-versed regarding legal and law enforcement related issues. Regarding the occupational position of the Fresno county sheriff, this individual handles all of the administrative and task-delegating issues that are required.
Under the FCSO there are many different specialized services in which the Fresno County Sheriff has input. There are patrol services, detectives, and various bureaus like the  abuse and sexual crimes units who help to solve serious crimes.
On a community level, the Fresno county sheriff is a public figure who speaks to groups about the law and issues regarding crimes in the community. The Sheriff is a position of authority and is often called to give specific information and try to make the community understand the full scope of investigations that are going on.
Besides working in law enforcement, the Fresno County Sheriff also is responsible for working in close conjunction with the court system. This is to ensure that the citizens show up for court and are aware that they have legal issues to deal with. The Sheriff is the individual who has to file and serve legal documents. If legal documents are ignored by the citizens, the sheriff can then send out the law enforcement agents to bring the individuals in.