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Florida Sheriff’s Department

Throughout the state of Florida there are a number of County Sheriff’s Departments. Each of the county sheriff’s departments work towards the safety and betterment of the public through means of law enforcement, criminal justice, and educational programming.

Hillsborough County Sheriff
The Hillsborough Sheriff and his department are dedicated to the protection of the community. They are responsible for traffic monitoring, criminal apprehension, booking,  and  many other pieces of law enforcement necessary.
Lee County Sheriff

The current Lee County Sheriff intends on being a visible fixture in the community, both as a law enforcement official, and a supporter of community activities; informational tools are also available for individual research

Pasco County Sheriff

In Pasco County, the Sheriff and his staff work around the clock to prevent criminal actions from occurring and to detain those who have committed criminal acts. They are also dedicated to providing comprehensive listings regarding individuals recently arrested, sexual offenders, and cases that remain unsolved.
Polk County Sheriff
The current Polk County Sheriff has been working at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office since 1972; he has seen the progression of law enforcement in the county over time, and has helped to create and implement a number of policies to help strength law enforcement maneuvers.
Hernando County Sheriff

The current Hernando County Sheriff has been working in the HCSO since the early 80s. However he started is position as Sheriff in 2001 and has been re-elected when his term came to an end. He works closely with the deputies and various other law officers in order to keep the County safe.
Pinellas County Sheriff
The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is a strong law enforcement body that works in close conjunction with the county courts. The Sheriff and his officials work to bring criminals to justice and provide information and education to the public regarding criminal activities and safe practices.

Broward County Sheriff

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department work to provide important public information to the county, and to provide criminal justice and law enforcement services.  Under this department informative pieces have been released regarding hurricane protocol, killer bees, child safety, and various other public service aspects.
Collier County Sheriff

The Collier County Sheriff department, the Sheriff and Staff are all dedicated to providing protection for the community surrounding them. Through a number of initiatives, the Sheriff has gotten sex offender registration information, criminal records, and various other pieces open for public use.
Brevard County Sheriff
The current Brevard County Sheriff has instituted a number of initiatives to help build up a strong sheriff’s department. Initiatives like a tactical team for review crime scenes, policies protecting the mentally ill individuals who have been incarcerated, and even programs like driving instruction for young adults.
Manatee County Sheriff

The Manatee County Sheriff is the supervisor over the various areas that create the Sheriff’s department. These areas are communications, investigation, enforcement and administration.  The Sheriff is the individual who hands down orders and instruction for these bodies.

Lake County Sheriff

Lake County Sheriff department is a facility that is the principal law enforcement agency for Lake County. This is where individuals are booked and processed for due justice.
Indian River County Sheriff

The Indian River Sheriff and staff are dedicated to the implementation of law enforcement tactics and informational programming in order to better educate and assist the needs of the community.
Citrus County Sheriff

The Citrus County Sheriff has implemented a number of important programs regarding public safety and information reliance. One of these programs is a hotline which can be used to provide anonymous tipping of criminal activities or the current locations of criminals.
Sarasota County Sheriff

The Sarasota County Sheriff has the informational resource of the SCSO website renovated in order to rebuild it and make information more accessible to the public; helping to keep transparency at the forefront of the public and law enforcement relationship.

Marion County Sheriff

The Marion County Sheriff serves and the decision maker for the law enforcement side of criminal justice, and the legal filer in regards to the court system. Through the MCSO individuals can be served legal documents or apprehended for criminal activities.
Volusia County Sheriff

The Volusia county sheriff department advocates for volunteerism and community in order to make a stronger public union.  The VCSO also advocates for the protection of the public through law enforcement and criminal trials.
Seminole County Sheriff

The Seminole County Sheriff and staff have implemented a number of informational and public services in order to keep individuals up to date on current issues and to keep them in compliance with the law.