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Marijuana Laws You Shouldn’t Forget

Marijuana Laws You Shouldn't Forget

Marijuana, which is known as scientifically as Cannabis, is a naturally-occurring, illegal substance in the United States in America. Although there do exist circumstances, largely in the medical field, in which marijuana is considered to be a controlled substance prescribed to the ill and ailing, Marijuana laws prohibit the recreational usage of Marijuana.
Marijuana Laws
Medical Marijuana laws explain that in the case of certain illnesses, dependent on the state, the prescription of medicinal Marijuana is permitted if regulated, monitored, and approved by an accredited physician.
The possession of Marijuana is the discovery by any law enforcement agency of the presence of Marijuana on a person or an individual; depending on the state in which the infraction occurs, this can result in fines, community service, probation, or jail time. However, the possession of large quantities of Marijuana is considered an ‘intent to distribute’, which holds a larger penalty than a Marijuana possession charge.
The charge of Marijuana possession or intent to distribute ranges from the frequency of the offense, as well as the location of the offense; the possession of Marijuana in a school zone carries with it heavy penalties that vary from state-to-state.