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Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

Wayne County Sheriff's Office

The Wayne County Sheriff is the highest ranking official in one of the largest sheriff’s offices in the state of Michigan. The personal and professional goal of Sheriff Benny A. Napoleon is to protect and serve the citizens of Wayne County. The way in which the Wayne County Sheriff does this is by creating and implementing important programs and policies through the WCSO.
The programs implemented by the Wayne County Sheriff and the WCSO were created in order to educate the community on issues regarding personal safety, the identification of criminal activity, and who to contact in regarding criminal issues.
Services that are provided through the WCSO are law enforcement services under various different divisions like the internet crime unit, the special taskforces, and the patrol and traffic police. These different divisions help to reduce criminal activity in the County, and to help bring justice to individuals.
Various informational programs have also been implemented at the suggestion of the Wayne County Sheriff in order to provide information to the public regarding criminal activity. There is a database on the WCSO’s website which is devoted to logging booking information and inmates in order for the public to be able to look them up.
The WCSO’s website also provides various documents that individuals might need in order to file a complaint or to start a civil process; the civil processes are then ran by the Wayne County Sheriff who serves up the legal documentation regarding evictions, subpoenas, and various other legal procedures.