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When Can Police Search Your Home

When Can Police Search Your Home

People who are served with a search warrant in the U.S. are legally obliged to allow the search warrant holders, if they can otherwise prove themselves to be law enforcement officers, into their homes to carry out a search of their homes’ contents. As such, the legality of a properly issued search warrant in the U.S. comes under the coverage of the 4th Constitutional Amendment. 
In general, search warrant issuance are based on the presence of probable cause in the particular case involved, while law enforcement officers may be able to enter private residences in the case of exceptions observed under the rule for exigent circumstances, which consists of immediately relevant cases considered to represent emergencies. Moreover, a search warrant can be issued according to the language contained in the United States Code, specifically in Title 18 of that document, as well as through the restatement of search warrant procedures contained in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 41.