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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Douglas County Sheriff's Office

The Douglas County Sheriff is an integral part of the success of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office of Colorado.  The person who becomes a sheriff is an individual who is elected into the position by the public. Often the Sheriff is an individual who has worked in law enforcement or government for years and has a firm understanding of the law.
The current Douglas County Sheriff is an individual who has been working in law enforcement since 1981; this individual has always worked in the DCSO and has held numerous positions throughout the facility.
One of the main attributes that the current Douglas County Sheriff has is that he is dedicated to mentoring individuals. He works with new and long-time law officials, helping them to learn skills and resolve conflicts that they might be having. He also helps mentor children and teens regarding good practices against identifying and reporting criminal activity and the consequences of getting involved with criminal activities.
Under the jobs of the Douglas County Sheriff, this individual works with all the various services in order to inform them about important information regarding crimes, as well as to authorize them to carry out specific jobs; for example, the sheriff would have to authorize a crime scene team to go down and investigate.
Furthermore, the Douglas County Sheriff also has civil obligations to uphold; this position requires the filing and serving of legal papers to citizens who require them within the district. This is to help formally move along legal trials and issues that come to the court system.