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Tennessee Sheriff's Department

The Shelby County Sheriff’s department is the primary law enforcement body in governing over Memphis, Tennessee. The current Shelby county sheriff is Bill Oldham; he was sworn in on September 1, 2010.
Under the Shelby county sheriff department there are a number of different offices that work to help promote safety and security for the county of Shelby.  Through these offices individuals can get assistance regarding the civil and criminal courts of Shelby, categorized lists of inmates, information on current issues regarding the county, and various other aspects.
One of the main aspects that the Shelby County sheriff department emphasizes is accessibility towards information regarding the county. This is a way in which all the public is able to research and keep on top of current issues in Shelby. Furthermore, this informational epicenter is also helpful when it comes to making conscious efforts to keep families safe.
There are also many opportunities for members of the community to get involved; there is a volunteer unit that is used to help run events around the county and to run a program in which elderly individuals receive check-ups to make sure that they are healthy and that they have everything they require while living alone.
Overall, the Shelby County Sheriff and the Sheriff’s department are sworn to uphold the values of justice and the agreement to protect their jurisdiction through all the means they have. This is one example of a Sheriff’s department that is a high ranking law enforcement body.