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A Full Guide to Illegal Aliens

A Full Guide to Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien Background

By law, an illegal alien is defined as an individual that is within a country that is not properly authorized to be living there. An illegal alien can encompass a person that has entered the country by illegal immigration, a person who has overstayed the limits of the visa, or someone who has not renewed his/her legal permanent resident documentation. 
Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration can be defined as any kind of immigration that occurs outside of the existing laws or regulations. This could entail unauthorized entry into a country, as well as violation of visa time allotments. Illegal immigration is caused by various factors, though the most common is simply seeking a better quality of life and financial opportunities. 

Illegal Immigration Statistics

Illegal immigration statistics for the United States will show that there are anywhere between 7 and 12 million immigrants in the country. Furthermore, about 70% of all illegal immigrants of the nation come from Latin American countries, with about 50% hailing from Mexico and the remaining 20% coming from other countries, particularly from Central America. 

Illegal Immigration News

In the United States, illegal immigration news tends to be quite persistent in current times. This is because, even though the issue of illegal immigration has always been a major concern, it is currently one of the most debated issues in the country, both on the political and social platforms. 

Illegal Immigration Pros and Cons
Illegal immigration will prove to have both positive and negative factors. Among the pros are providing for a better quality of life for illegal immigrants, creating a more potent work force in low wage jobs, and the stimulation of the economy. The most present negative aspect is the increase of the population size of a country, which can lead to overcrowding. 

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
Illegal immigration amnesty refers to the political pardon to illegal immigrants essentially forgiving their illegal trespass into the nation. In the United States, amnesty for illegal immigrants was first granted during the 1980s, under President Reagan’s term. However, the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants is currently being explored once again under President Obama’s administration. 

Legal Status

Legal status is a legal term that is applied to individual to denote a particular position within society. The legal status that a person has in a particular country can therefore also have a direct effect to the the laws and rights that pertain to such an individual. In immigration laws, legal status terms include citizen, resident, and illegal immigrant.