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Ada County Sheriff’s Office

Ada County Sheriff's Office

Out of all of the County police departments that Idaho has, one that deserves recognition is the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. The current Ada county sheriff is Gary Raney; he has been working in law enforcement for a fair number of years; in 1983 he moved into the Ada County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) where he has held numerous positions. In 2005 he was elected Ada County Sheriff; this responsibility is a large one, considering he is now the top law enforcement official in the largest law enforcement agency  in Idaho.

When it comes to the Ada county sheriff, he has been recognized for the work that he has done in the office. His initiatives have proven to be successful in streamlining and creating better practices for the ACSO. Furthermore, he is known for making decisions based on the factual information regarding the important decisions for county law enforcement.

Through the ACSO there are a number of different informational resources that have been put out on the website; these informational resources are current bookings, investigations, and information regarding sex offenders in the area. All of this is pertinent when it comes to keeping the general public informed about criminal acts and dangers that could be present.

Besides officiating over law enforcement endeavors by the patrol force, and those of the Crime Scene Investigation services, the Ada County Sheriff is also tasked with serving legal papers to individuals in the county. These papers can be search warrants, warrants for arrest, eviction notices, and various other civil legal documents.