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Weld County Sheriff’s Office

Weld County Sheriff's Office

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office of Colorado is devoted to upholding the law and to helping provide a safe and secure community for the individuals who live in Weld County. The law enforcement body is made up of the Weld County Sheriff, the deputies, officers, and specialists who work for the agency as well.
The Weld County Sheriff is the head of the command chain; this is the individual who tasks the deputies and officers to their respective duties for the day. Furthermore, this individual takes a look at the policies of the WCSO and makes sure that they are in compliance with federal laws. Any issues that individuals have regarding what they should do at work or where they are assigned are all directed to the Sheriff.
The Sheriff is essentially the top-tier management of the WCSO. This individual gets reports from the different groups regarding their work and status. Most often this individual remains at the office writing up legal documents and working with the civil counselors regarding criminal cases and civil cases that are going to trial.
The WCSO takes care of issues regarding traffic, patrol, and serious crimes. Information is constantly being updated by the WCSO in order to provide the public with important information on criminal activity, criminals booked, and the movement of sex offenders into the area. Furthermore, regarding serious crimes and issues around the community, the Sheriff can make statements to the county speaking to these issues.