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Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office

Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office  (PCSO) is the leading law enforcement agency over the Boone, Avondale, Beulah, Rye, Pueblo West, and Colorado City area. The head of the PCSO is the Pueblo County Sheriff. This individual was elected by the general public and serves as the head of all operations regarding the PCSO.
The PCSO has jurisdiction over law enforcement, detention services, and the court system which serves to process individuals who want legal assistance or who have been accused of a crime.  Law enforcement under the PCSO is comprised of the patrol services, investigative services, high tech crimes services, and various other bodies. These groups are all specialized in a particular area or style of crime and crime solving.
Basic functions that are overlooked by the Pueblo County Sheriff are important details that require officer-assistance. This can be a funeral, parade, special event, or various other places. When this occurs, the Pueblo County Sheriff will choose officials to go work at these events providing security for them.
The Pueblo County Sheriff also has control over who gets sent out for traffic duties and patrol duties; and for those who have been injured in the line of duty, they can often be called to stay behind and help with the necessary paperwork that the PCSO has.
Essentially, the Pueblo County Sheriff is an administrative position, in which the elected official is required to manage and handle all issues regarding organization and tasking. Furthermore, the signature of the sheriff is also required a numerous documents, for authorization purposes.