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Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

The current Jefferson County Sheriff has instituted several initiatives to better protect the community. Some of the initiatives that the Jefferson County Sheriff has worked have been: revamping the traffic laws and law enforcement implementation in areas where there are frequent accidents, and around public facilities and schools where children and pedestrians frequent. These implementations were done to cut down on the number of accidents and hit and runs that have occurred.
The Jefferson County Sheriff has also helped to change rules and conduct regarding individuals in custody, in order to decrease the rate of suicides that occur while an individual is under the care of the JCSO. Furthermore, the Sheriff has also been instrumental in establishing sex offender information for the public, in order to keep the community feeling safe and educated.
When it comes to professional works, the Jefferson County Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the JCSO. He calls the shots as to what officers are required to do patrol duty while others are off to do traffic issues. 
Furthermore, he also has an important role of looking over all the information that comes through the JCSO, in order to stay on top of all cases and concerns. And the Jefferson County Sheriff is required to serve legal papers for individuals who request them, and for those who have broken the law and are being summoned to court.