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Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

Sacramento County Sheriff's Office

The Sacramento County Sheriff is the law official elected to oversee the machinations of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD). Through this election, the Sacramento sheriff assumes a number of different responsibilities to the job and the community.
The Sacramento County Sheriff is the individual who oversees all aspects of law enforcement. They make important decisions regarding deputies and officers that are currently working for the SCSD. The Sheriff is the individual that can pull officers out of the line of duty, or they can assign them to various cases.
For community purposes, the Sacramento sheriff can assign officers to security details regarding festivals, events, fairs, public meetings, and various other occasions in which security is necessary.
Under regular law enforcement jurisdictions, the Sacramento County Sheriff can assign what officers do traffic patrol while others do foot or squad car patrols. The purpose of these maneuvers is to ensure that the general public is safe and that criminal activities are not occurring.
On a grander level, the Sacramento County Sheriff can get involved with the investigative units regarding homicides within the jurisdiction of the SCSD. Through this, the Sheriff can recommend key aspects to look for and report any suspects for the crimes.
On a civil duty level, the Sacrament Sheriff is an individual who has to process and serve legal documents.  These legal documents are often used to require individuals report to court or they are notices of issues regarding housing. Overall, the SCSD is an agency which offers criminal and civil protection for individuals in the county district.