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Riverside Sheriff’s Office

Riverside Sheriff's Office

The Riverside Sheriff’s Department is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the state of California. Through the RCSD there are a number of important services that have been implemented in order to protect the citizens of the state.  The official who is in charge of these various  services is the Riverside Sheriff; this is an elected position, and one that requires managerial skills, decision making abilities, a knowledge of the law, and various other important elements.
Under the RCSD there are various services like: corrections, crime offices, court services, coroner services, and investigative teams.  These services were broken down into specialized areas in order to best serve individual needs. For criminals who have already gone through the booking process and have been convicted are often placed with the correctional services. This is where the individual services jail time and can gain access to rehabilitative measures.
The court services and the Riverside Sheriff work together to process paperwork regarding civil actions and criminal actions that occur. The Riverside Sheriff has to authorize civil papers and serve them to the citizens in order for litigation to occur.
The Investigative and special squads work in conjunction with the Riverside Sheriff in regards to serious and specialized criminal acts that occur. This can be murders, kidnappings, and even large scale drug ring issues. These task forces and special teams help to bring criminals to justice to be processed in the RCSD jurisdiction.
Overall, the Riverside Sheriff has a number of different groups to work with and tasks to take care of, in order to best fulfill his duties and to uphold the promise of keeping the citizens safe.