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Prima County Sheriff’s Office

Prima County Sheriff's Office

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is headed by the Pima County Sheriff. This individual is the current administrative figure of the Sheriff’s department. This individual makes the judgment calls on what squads are allowed to responds to calls, and which squads are on traffic and patrol duty.
The current Pima County Sheriff is a man named Clarence Dupnik; he has been working in law enforcement for over 50 years. He has served consecutive terms as the Pima County Sheriff since he was first elected in 1980.
Some of the most important work that he has done is in the implementation of drug prevention programs, in order to clean up the workplace and to reduce the use of drugs by individuals in the county. Furthermore, he was also the individual to introduce the D.A.R.E program to the Pima County school systems, in order to help educate children at a younger age about the pressures they will face and about the dangers of drug.
Regarding law enforcement and criminal detention facilities; the Pima County Sheriff has watched over the implementation of new detention centers in the Pima County region; these were maximum and minimum security systems.
Through the PCSD there are various types of services that are offered. Like the most basic law enforcement facility, there are law enforcement officials who respond to civil and criminal related issues. There are also fingerprinting services, informational guides, and volunteer services that are all ran under the PCSD in order to keep citizens safe and working in accordance to the law.