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Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

Pinal County Sheriff's Office

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office is the leading law enforcement agency of Pinal County, Arizona. The administrative head of this agency is the Pinal County Sheriff; this position is an elected position in which the public votes for the individual they feel will best serve the community.
The current Pinal County Sheriff has authority over all offices under the PCSO. What this means is that each office or division that is working under the PCSO gives reports to the Pinal County Sheriff regarding the current issues they are working on, and the status of their work.
The Sheriff is also the individual that is used regarding question of ethics and conflicts of interest; this is because the official often has a firm understanding of how law enforcement works and what issues can be potentially detrimental to a case if they are not addressed properly.
The Pinal County Sheriff has obligations towards visiting the jails in order to ensure that procedures are running smoothly within those facilities, and to work with the courts in order to have civil and criminal cases processed properly and with all of the information that is necessary.
Under the PCSO criminal activities, car impounds, stolen and found property retrievals, rehabilitation services and various other services are looked after by individual units. These divisions ensure that each type of issue regarding rights to property and human rights are being taken care of. Overall, the PCSO and the Pinal County Sheriff play important roles in the protection of the county.