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Ohio Sheriff’s Department

Ohio Sheriff’s Department

In Ohio there are a number of Sheriff’s departments; each department governs it’s respect region and helps to enforce laws and protect the natural rights of the citizens.

Franklin County Sheriff
The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office of Ohio is one of the local law enforcement agencies that takes pride in keeping the county safe. It is where criminals are booked and processed; there is public information provided by the Franklin County Sheriff’s office regarding who has been booked, for what crimes, and what individuals are considered fugitives.
Hamilton County Sheriff

That Hamilton County Sheriff and staff serve a greater portion of Cincinnati, Ohio. Through this particular law enforcement agency, the community is given protection by patrol officers and special forces. Furthermore the community is also armed with the knowledge of dangerous wanted criminals and registered sex offenders who are still in the area.
Cuyahoga County Sheriff

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the CCSO. Under the Sheriff, the various deputies and officers are the individuals who uphold and enforce the laws.  These individuals help to apprehend criminals, and provide public services in order to keep the county safe.