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Don’t Ask Illegal Interview Questions

Don't Ask Illegal Interview Questions

When it comes to the work force, there are certain state and federal regulations that will govern certain aspects in terms of labor laws. An example has to do with the interview process when people apply for a job or position. There are certain federal and state statutes that will restrict what kind of questions can be asked during an interview. 
Generally speaking, questions asked that have nothing to do with the position or job are considered to be illegal interview questions. Any questions that are asked in regards to personal information of the applicant are also considered to be illegal interview questions, though there may be limited exceptions. These exceptions can be in regards to how the question itself was asked and whether determining a particular aspect of personal information was for the purpose of the evaluation of the applicant for the strict purpose of the job or position available. 
Illegal interview questions can sometimes be hard to determine, though in broad terms, any questions that can used on the basis for discrimination can be considered to be illegal interview questions. This would include any inquiries in regards to race, sex, color, religion, age, marital status, birthplace, and origin are all to be regarded as illegal interview questions. 
In the case that illegal interview questions such as these are asked during a particular interview, one could possibly file a charge of discrimination against the employer with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.